5 Reasons Restaurants Need the Food Safety Nation Newsletter

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Last week we launched the Food Safety Nation newsletter for restaurants and were pleased to see so many owners and managers signing up. Each edition will provide up-to-date and relevant articles about restaurant food safety, sustainability, technology and training. Every day restaurants go through worst-case scenarios such as outbreaks, government closures and crippling lawsuits. Each edition of the newsletter will inform subscribers of the necessary information about cases like these in order to learn from them. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you should so you can start learning not only how to protect your restaurant operation but also your brand. Here are more reasons for signing up for the Food Safety Nation newsletter.

1. Stay informed

There are 16 million restaurants worldwide and one million alone in United States. Food safety crises pop up every day in this industry, and there are lessons to be learned in all of them. We will search out the most relevant stories and package them up for you in the newsletter every week. This knowledge is priceless when developing plans to protect your restaurant brand.

2. Train your staff

Not only will each edition provide current food safety news, but it will also have a training segment with valuable tools that can be passed on to your staff. Each week a new training topic will be introduced to educate staff and help your restaurant operate more safely.

3. A community of like-minded restaurant professionals

Food Safety Nation is dedicated to helping the restaurant industry combat and eliminate foodborne illness and outbreaks that can cripple even the largest restaurant organizations. When you sign up for the newsletter, you’re also joining a community of restaurant professionals who will be invited to contribute and share best practices for restaurant food safety and operations. Owners, operators, managers, chefs, servers, bartenders, prep cooks and many others will be able to capture the tools needed to improve their knowledge of the industry as well as personal professional development.

4. Find your voice

Food Safety Nation will soon be a fully functioning news site focused on helping the restaurant industry be safe, sustainable, efficient and cost effective. To achieve this goal, we’re looking for  experts to provide articles and content in the areas of food safety, sustainability, crisis management, technology and training. Are you an expert in one of these areas of the restaurant industry? Find your voice and write with us!

5. Don’t be left out of the loop

Food Safety Nation will keep you current and in the know about what’s happening in restaurant food safety and sustainability. By not being a subscriber, you’ll be missing out and falling behind those who are receiving up-to-date information. Subscribe to the Food Safety Nation newsletter and add another layer of education and protection for yourself, your staff and restaurant brand.

If you would like to be a contributing writer, please email me at dennis@resprofsp.com.


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