Food Safety and Energy Management

Respro is very excited to announce that we have secured the rights to sell SiteSage, an intelligent energy management system, to our customers in Utah. SiteSage is a comprehensive system produced by Powerhouse Dynamics that monitors and analyzes energy usage and provides diagnostics to monitor appliance performance and health. It identifies where and when power is used and wasted, provides targeted recommendations, and helps restaurant owners lower bills up to 30%. It allows restaurant operators to see in real time where their utility costs are and how to reduce them.

SiteSage Energy Management for Restaurants and Convenience Store Chains

In addition to real-time analytics of energy costs, SiteSage uses sensors to track cold temperatures as well as water and gas usage. The online program will automatically log temperatures of cold-holding units and send out alerts when those temperatures are not in the desired ranges. This saves time and money by identifying problems before they lead to food waste or worse outcomes, such as putting food safety at risk. Past data is also recorded and saved, which gives restaurants important documentation of proper equipment operation if ever questioned by health authorities during a foodborne illness investigation.

Get a sneak peek at how detailed the dashboard is below:


Food safety and energy management go hand in hand. As the restaurant industry goes more towards automated energy management, restaurants will improve their ability to serve food more safely as well as save on energy costs.

For more information on the SiteSage system and how it can help restaurants save money, contact Respro. We can meet with you and give an assessment of costs and savings.

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